What are Japanese Onsen and Ryokan like? What's onsen travel?

Onsen? Ryokan? Japan being on the intersection of seismic plates is leading to earthquakes, but also to hot water which is used in bathes, so called Onsen. A Ryokan is a traditional style of hotel in Japan, with tatami mat covered rooms, often a bath attached, including good meals and services like preparing futon beds in the evening for visitors. Japanese sometimes go to Onsenmeguri, which means ‘travel with stay
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To San or Not to San in Japan

Background Everybody knows about the Japanese “san”, which you attach when communicating with Japanese colleagues. So, when you also refer to non-Japanese colleagues in the same email, do you then also use ~san? If not, do you think they read the email as ‘he does not respect us equally’? Just asking to point out one of the small oddities about this piece of etiquette. For those who do not know