A week of autumn food in Japan

There is great food in Japan, let me share a week of autumn food in Japan. I do not eat much for breakfast, but for lunch I visit various places. Keema-Nattou Curry Fridays Keema-Nattou curry with rice. Keema is minced meet, Nattou is a speciality from Japan often eaten for breakfast, these are fermented soybeans. Fermented means ‘has been changed’, like sauerkraut in Germany, or Kimuchi in Korea. Also in [Read More]
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Is it harder to live in Japan than in Germany?

Intro I get weekly Japanese lessons via Skype. At the moment we are reading Japanese news articles: discussing grammar and rare words, and the topic itself. After 5 years, my teacher knows me well enough to select topics which are interesting to me. Recently we read the article Is it hard to live in Japan?. Seems like my teacher shortened the article to 5 points - after reading the original I find the shorter version more to the point. [Read More]
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HDMI grabbing: latency and streaming

The previous article introduces into HDMI grabbers on Linux. When is latency relevant? My first use case was to play a game on a device like the Nintendo Switch, with the HDMI output only visible via grabber. While playing with various options and software, I needed a way to nicely measure the latency between the HDMI signal output, and the picture displayed on my screen. How to do that? Best is to show the current time, sufficiently accurate, on both [Read More]