A week of autumn food in Japan

There is great food in Japan, let me share a week of autumn food in Japan. I do not eat much for breakfast, but for lunch I visit various places.

Keema-Nattou Curry

Keema Curry

Fridays Keema-Nattou curry with rice. Keema is minced meet, Nattou is a speciality from Japan often eaten for breakfast, these are fermented soybeans. Fermented means ‘has been changed’, like sauerkraut in Germany, or Kimuchi in Korea. Also in the curry: carrot, potato, pepper, okura (a vegetable not known in Germany), broccoli. 2 cooked eggs of unspecified origin, not from chicken.

Nabewariyamas Udon

On Saturday I went hiking to Nabewariyama in the Tanzawa area, trip details. A hut is at the summit, and fantastic udon is available. Udon a kind of thick, wheat-flour noodle which is common in Japan. Here along with egg, pumpkin, mushroom and vegetable. Very tasty, and sold here at the top of a 1270m mountain, for 1500円/12€.



Sanma, a kind of makarel which is typical to be caught in autumn. I like fish, but I’m very bad as dissecting fish with bones just big enough so one can not eat them. Also on the plate: rice, Miso soup, Toufu, vegetable, radish and soy sauce. Miso is the base ingredient of Miso soup, it is made from fermented vegetables.

Autumn Soba

On Monday, we had a holiday and I went to a bath, an Onsen. In the attached restaurant, this audumn soba was available. Soba is another kind of noodle, made from buckwheat flour. Ontop shrimp and vegetables. Along with this I ordered this special kind of mochi, which are made from rice with miso based souce ontop.

Kajiki fish

I work mostly from the apartment nowadays, but once a week I cycle to Ebisu where the office is, and enjoy the food at Totoya. They have Sashimi (raw fish), but also cooded fish like that day, or eel. Reading the menu is still challenging.

Kao rapu gai

Kao rapu gai

This is Kao-rapu-gai (カオ ラープ ガイ), at a Taiwanese restaurant in Shimokita: spicy minced chicken with salad, egg, roasted rice powder, and dessert.

Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi sushi

Once per week I go to this Sushi place, this time I enjoyed ‘chirashi sushi’, so ‘sushi things spread over rice’. Along with green tea, miso soup, vegetable. On the right, that is no pudding but a ‘royale’ (German: Eierstich) made from egg and fish. A piece of honey melon as dessert.


I hope you agree now at least in that food in Japan looks delicious :)

Food in Japan is just amazing. The most expensive of these meals were around 1700円/14€.

Last modified on 2020-11-27