Climbing Mount Fuji: The Daylight

Climbing Mount Fuji at Night: Ascend covers the ascend. For 2 hours I was waiting in the cold at the summit, drinking green tea from the vending machines. Due to the cold, I could not sleep or stay at one place without moving - and that was even with proper jacket, I had seen people climbing up in short trousers, probably not waiting for the daylight but directly descending. Eventually a hut opened, people streamed in and ate udon. [Read More]

Climbing Mount Fuji at Night: Ascend

In many countries, climbing the highest mountain is just for professionals, or for expeditions. Mount Fuji in Japan has with it’s 3776m just the right height to be a bit of a challenge, but being doable for an average trained person. One starts with looking up reports from others and wonders: what should I take with me? Is my condition good enough to do it? Do I need maps and [Read More]

Who deals better with Corona, Japan or Germany?

First things first: there will not be a clear winner, but let’s try to look at this from various angles. As a German living in Japan, I am tied into people and media in both countries, let’s try a comparison. Infection numbers Numbers of daily new infected people is considered one of the most interesting criteria. Being near to China, Japan had first infections quite early, but Germany was catching [Read More]